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g4g revivalist tour

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THe G4G Revivalist Tour,

A traveling family of humans from all walks of life that caravan together in efforts to bring love to the communities it travels through.

We wish the world to be more balanced physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Helping others brings us joy.

We gather, we grow, we produce, and we play.

The tours are open to anyone wanting to participate in an old voting system in which we help those in the world that are being the change we wish to see while also learning how to be self-sustainable.

For us, the change includes communities, farms and gatherings that are living in harmony with the earth, and those working their way towards that goal as well.

We love you all


If you are interested in joining us on the road or are yourself  community, farm, gathering, or household seeking help, feel free to send us an email.


                  Fall Tour is Under Way!
        Check out the dates and locations HERE

Catch us at Fall UP Fest in ST. Louis! We will be facilitating workshops on composting, toxic food, recycling, & low-impact-building! Contact us if you would like to help!

Help the wheels on our bus keep rolling!

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