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Welcome to the

 G 4 G Revivalist Fall Tour page!

G4G Fall Tour 16'  will officially commence on September 22nd in Indiana at the Medicine 

Tribe Gathering and will be ending towards the end of November.

Tour schedule:


Medicine Tribe Gathering Worthington, IN   

Mississippi Stand   IA

Maharishi Institute  Fairfield, IA

Fall Up Fest     St. Louis, MS

Hoot & Hollar    Eddyvile, IL

The Farm     Summertown, TN

Monteagle, TN


Asheville, NC and/or Atlanta, GA

Green Bridge Farm    Savannah, GA

Florida Tiny House Festival    St. Augustine, FL

Sunshine Ranch,       Osteen, FL

Where can I join you?

Be prepared to travel to us where-ever we might be. The Fall Tour will be traveling throughout the midwest into the southeast.

What if I can only come for a portion of time?

That is fine! The Revivalist tour operates within the parameters of weekly  and monthly admissions. When your application is accepted you will be prompted to specify the month(s) you wish to participate in for each tour.  If you know in advance that you won't be able to stay a certain portion of any given month please let us know so that we can plan accordingly. There are also options to work with us on a day-by-day basis. 

Where will you be sleeping? 

We will predominately be primitive camping

Is Food Included?

For the most part, no. Come prepared to finance your own meals. We typically ask each revivalist to put $100 aside for each month on tour. We will try to arrange the communities to provide us with meals but if that may not  always be the case; be prepared to purchase your own food or to practice freegan methods. If you do not eat in a manner that works symbiotically with the ecosystem do your homework. We have a low tolerance policy for toxic food on our bus. It will be up to us to arrange how our meals will be done; cooking a group meal each night with shared expenses or separate (this can be a fun social experiment and I will definitely give my suggestions when we all meet up!!!). Between Intentional communities we will stop at National Forests to camp out. We will arrange appropriate food stops, laundry stops, gas stops, and various other stops the group agrees to be necessary. 

What Communities will we be helping?

Communities that share our vision of sustainability. As they are in abundance, they will vary by season depending on many factors, not all foreseeable. We will work to provide an updated list to those interested in the tour as we update ourselves already in transit.

How Much Is it Going to Cost?

The bus ride is FREE to those that join us but if you are accepted onto the tour we would like you to make a contribution to our sponsor Grateful 4 Grace. They help us keep our wheels going. For a recommended donation breakdown, please visit their revivalist tour page. There is also the cost of buying your own food and anything else you might want to purchase during the trip.

What do I bring?

First apply for a spot. If you are selected we will send you a detailed list of what to bring.  We won't be asking for anything you probably don't already have at home, so don't worry about extra costs! When you are accepted you can sign in our networking group and get to know the people you will be traveling with and the communities we will be stopping at!!!

Where do you sign up?

Check out how to tour in the Application section.

Revivalists please sign in here

Have a question?? Send us a message here! OR email us @

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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